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Acupuncture's comprehensive website founded with the aim of telling the public and promoting acupuncture in our country from 2006. By recording at the Ministry of Culture and continuous updates over the years, have a unique place on the website to gain in Persian in acupuncture.

This website or the so-called Academy of Fine Persian literature, a comprehensive website acupuncture Iran with cooperate more than 90 professionals associated with acupuncture including doctors, researchers, experts and public and private publishers, In the last few years, published more than 1,500 articles and content about acupuncture in Persian on the website and now also many Persian literature about acupuncture in different spaces and even unrelated to this website published and promoted with efforts of a prolific writer on this website.
Acupuncture’s comprehensive website supports its weblog in namesake, a weblog benefit of acupuncture Iran and with undeniable role in strengthening academic mission, promotion and management of this website which different uses and possibilities that created for authors and readers. This collection management (Reg No 28285, registered in Registration Organization Country) are in fact part of a comprehensive Institute of Acupuncture (ICIA). This collection scientific expanded to ensure more health for people relying on the knowledge of acupuncture and clinicians in management.
Comprehensive acupuncture clinics provides acupuncture services with a single system and 5 center in Tehran, Iran. Fortunately, this convergence solve the problem of former patients away from the main center. We hope soon, this may achieved in collaboration with colleagues in other major cities.

Records and activities of Acupuncture Clinic

  • The research projects in specialized and interdisciplinary acupuncture and emergency medicine, Ophthalmology and Neurology, training classes, Special workshops and retraining of doctors in acupuncture in collaboration with universities in the country
  • Award Country creativity in to manage health centers
  • Award selected medical centers of meeting new standards of health centers
  • Writing books about specialized acupuncture for the public and professionals in acupuncture

Doctor Vahid Ghasemi

  • Have a valid certificate in acupuncture, treatment of obesity, acupuncture and traditional medicine
  • Have a valid certificate in Skin and beauty of the World Federation of Acupuncture
  • Have a valid certificate in acupuncture implants from Germany
  • The founder of the first and largest online database specialized in acupuncture in Persian

Doctor Reza Jafarei

  • Have a valid certificate in sar acupuncture, acupuncture and treatment of obesity
  • Have a valid certificate in Skin and beauty of the World Federation of Acupuncture
  • Have a advanced certificate in Optus Teardz of Germany
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