Acupuncture for shaping abdominal muscle

Acupuncture for shaping abdominal muscle

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The stomach muscles consist of the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and the obliques. Exercises for the abs should be done three days a week at least if you want to tighten them, recommends the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). It’s important to do exercises that work all these muscles so you can tighten your entire stomach area.

You can flatten out your stomach if you exercise and eat right. However, you cannot target your stomach fat in particular, as the body draws on fat throughout the body when it burns calories. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes will make all the difference in achieving your tight stomach goal.

Everyone’s caloric needs are different, based mostly on your weight and activity level but also on your metabolism. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you would to maintain your weight. Sugar can put on weight in your belly area, and even healthy-seeming drinks can contribute. For instance, you may think fruit juice is a good idea. However, it’s as sugary as some sodas, and you don’t get the good fiber you do with whole fruit. If you want something sweet, try a piece of fruit

If you focus on plant-based foods, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, it’s much easier to lower your overall caloric intake. Plant-based foods are much lower in fat than other foods, so they fill you up without too many calories.

While you may think it’s best to focus on your abs, it’s actually better to do exercises that work your whole body. That’s because these exercises help you lose weight all across your body, which in turn takes fat off your belly. They also help strengthen your stomach muscles. For an exercise that works your whole body, try swimming, running, or walking.

Acupuncture is a natural method to get to the root of the injury in the body by reducing inflammation locally, resetting neural pathways to decrease pain, and promoting re-oxygenation of the tissues

Your circulation gets a boost, endorphins decrease pain and muscles relax, resulting in improved range of motion, function and performance.

Simple rest and relaxation will help you recoup from injury, but acupuncture will improve and speed the body’s natural healing ability,


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