Acupuncture for Sugar Addiction

Acupuncture for Sugar Addiction

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In Chinese medicine there are five basic flavors which are bitter, sour, pungent, salty and sweet. There are however two main flavor cravings, that affect people the most, and they are the salty and sweet flavors.  The excessive intake of sweet foods and salty foods is known to cause many of the modern-day diseases that plague mankind such as obesity and heart disease.

Treat the spleen to help with excess sweet cravings

Chinese medicine theory stipulates that the sweet flavor is necessary to strengthen and balance the spleen organ but if someone is craving the sweet flavor out of the ordinary, it means that their spleen energy is weak and needs strengthening.

Why do people crave sweet foods after the evening meal?

Many people complain of just having their sugar craving after their main meal at night time. This can be easily explained in Chinese medical theory terms. Many centuries ago, ancient Chinese physicians worked out what is called the Chinese Medicine Organ Clock where for 2 allocated hours of each day, the energy of a specific organ is at its peak in that time. This also means the energy of that organ will be at its lowest at that opposite time. In case of the stomach and spleen, their lowest ebb is in the evening around the time of the evening meal. This is why it’s not ideal to eat a big meal at night time because the stomach and spleen is at its weakest ebb and doesn’t have ample energy to process and digest it.

Acupuncture has proven to be one of the ideal ways to cure many kinds of health problems and diseases. Therefore, it offers a solution to help reduce sugar cravings by reducing stress and harmonizing and balancing the digestion. There are even acupuncture points along the meridians and in the ear that can help curb sugar cravings. Both acupuncture and herbs can help quell cravings, and bring your Spleen back into balance more quickly. the use of ear acupuncture or body acupuncture in the treatment of addiction has a long history of success.  A series of 5-10 acupuncture sessions can assist the body in detoxifying while decreasing cravings, relieving stress and anxiety and promoting overall wellness.


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