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Acupuncture can affect everyone differently. After acupuncture treatment, some people feel relaxed and calm, while others feel alert and energised.
In some cases, acupuncture can leave you feeling tired and lethargic for a few hours following your treatment session.
Following an acupuncture session, some people find that the symptoms of their condition, or illness, temporarily worsen, or ‘flare-up’. Some people also experience sweating, dizziness, and feel faint.

After care

  • Rest. You don’t have to literally lie down or take a nap. By rest, it means, go easy. Resting allows the physical and emotional restoration that acupuncture sets in motion to continue.
  • Go light on exercise. A lot of people ask whether they can workout after acupuncture. Exercise is fine—light, gradual movement can be a nice adjunct to an acupuncture treatment—but be gentle.
  • Use heat. Heat is the best way for pain relief. Acupuncture restores flow, helping to eliminate these blockages. Ice is counterproductive—it causes things to remain stagnant and slows down the healing process. After acupuncture, choose heat.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee. This is for two reasons: 1) It’s important to stay hydrated after acupuncture because it can cause toxins to be released into your system. Staying appropriately hydrated helps flush out these toxins. Since alcohol and coffee both cause dehydrating effects on the body, they should be avoided after acupuncture. 2) One of the main goals of acupuncture is to bring greater clarity and awareness to how we really feel. Since alcohol impairs the senses and coffee falsely heightens them, both can potentially counteract or mask the effects of acupuncture.
  • Eat good food. Acupuncture helps bring the toxins out. Don’t knowingly put them back in by eating poor-quality food. Avoid processed foods and sugar. Think about food as sustenance, and eating as an opportunity to continue healing your body after acupuncture.
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