Can Acupuncture Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Acupuncture Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Limited time and current expensive rates impel individuals to seek alternatives to lose weight in a practical yet effective way that does not occupy much of their time and take much of their money while allowing them to remain fully available for their daily activities.

Limited time and current expensive rates impel individuals to seek alternatives to lose weight in a practical yet effective way that does not occupy much of their time and take much of their money while allowing them to remain fulIt can be a point where the search may lead you to acupuncture for weight loss as an option of choice. Why? Along with promoting the process of weight loss, each sessions can be relaxing and relieving especially against stress and available for their daily activities.

Acupuncture, ranging from traditional to scientific methods, has now become a popular option for people throughout the years.

Acupuncture weight loss technique involves stimulation of certain areas of the body through small needle sticks. This is performed with the concept that the body is perceived as a map that needs to be shoved in order to stimulate and activate certain areas to help achieve an improved physical and mental well-being.

Furthermore, no type of medication will be needed to achieve the weight loss effects of the procedure, definitely a plus especially in the long run.

With acupuncture for weight loss, there will be no torturous diets required. All that will be necessary is to learn to eat according to the requirements of healthy weight management plan specific to your case

Does acupuncture work for weight loss?

The claim comprises the impression that acupuncture stimulates body circulation. This is considered as vital to energy flow which helps with the ability to burn calories.

Acupuncture works on solving other factors of weight gain, it is useful to reduce appetite and increase metabolism, which means better use of nutrients in the food we eat.

Additionally, acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety, which are both a major cause of food intake. When you’re feeling stressed, your autonomic nervous system gives you a burst of adrenaline and floods your body with the hormone cortisol. This increases your appetite, potentially causing you to overeat.

Increases the level of endorphins- Acupuncture therapy increases endorphins levels (opiate neurotransmitters).

The role of endorphins is associated with the limbic system of the brain (a system where the hypothalamus belong), which contains specific receptors for which they interact with.

Acupuncture cannot replace the desire and willpower of the patient to lose weight, but it can certainly help improve the capacity of individuals who are motivated to resolve their weight problem.

Sensitive points

Usually, the following points are the locations where needles are being inserted in acupuncture for weight loss:

  1. The stomach: The relationship of this point is mainly with an obese person, who always seek to eat even when full.
  2. Endocrine point: The needles are placed at this point, when obesity is caused by fluid retention in the body.
  3. The spleen: This is a point that associated with hormonal imbalances such as sugar levels.
  4. The thyroid: This point relates to a fairly slow metabolism.
  5. The kidney: Point that relates directly to the nervous system and water retention.
  6. Shenmen, acupuncture to control anxiety levels: Point that is directly related to psychological drives like anxiety, loneliness and frustration.
  7. The lungs: Associated to people with addiction on meals.
  8. The mouth: This point in acupuncture for weight loss has to do with people who are smokers and compulsive eaters without remedy.

Ear therapy

It is an approach of stimulating specific points on the ear with tiny needles where because of their size, it can be worn or used at home or at work. It suppresses the desire to eat compulsively.

Current research shows that using needles at specific points on the ear can help regulate insulin levels.

A typical session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, and an average of 30 needles are placed wherever your tightest muscles are, says Rhudy. While you won’t be two pounds lighter when you leave, you’ll likely feel as though the weight of the world was just lifted off your shoulders.


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