Catgut embedding the beauty of your skin is guaranteed

Catgut embedding the beauty of your skin is guaranteed

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Acupuncture specialists and surgeons in Russia and then in other countries created a valuable and new style in acupuncture. This method often is effective and impressive. A particular advantage of catgut embedding, for example, instead of regular evaluation sessions at 2 or 3 times a week, can visited once a month.

Catgut Embedding

Catgut embedding method also called Embedding of thread, we use of resorbable surgical thread. Thread in a small size and with a simple process, implanted under the skin and absorbed in the body between 21 to 30 days later.

During this time, planted threads, with continuous stimulation of the acupuncture point, the needles are doing their work. without the need for repeated visits.

Catgut Embedding and skin rejuvenation

The planting absorbable suture instead of repeated sessions of acupuncture is a new technique of acupuncture that today, in many countries such as Korea, France, America and so has found many fans among doctors and clients. Embedding thread is delivered to the appropriate position of the skin by different types and shapes of beauty needle. Embedding thread into skin tissue can stimulate collagen production, that is, the regeneration of protein affecting skin compactness, thereby improving skin.This thread will absorbed in the body after two to three months but until this time has been able to stimulate weave of collagen and Fibroblast in a way that we need. Also creating transparency and setting pores, will treated wrinkles, lines and sagging as well as an admirable. The strategic value of this method is its natural and formation of collagen. Actually, the natural of skin provides therapeutic response and that is because of the low toxicity and side effects of face Embedding method. This technique caused treatment is 20 to 30 sessions of acupuncture.

Advantages Catgut Embedding

Skin rejuvenation with using catgut Embedding method (Which is sometimes also called Embedding) is popular for several reasons:

  • High durability of the effects of acupuncture
  • Simply perform this procedure
  • Thread planting, only in one or two treatment sessions
  • The remarkable therapeutic powers in skin wrinkles and sagging facial treatment
  • Absence of significant side effects

Areas where can Catgut Embedding

Today skin rejuvenation with using catgut embedding method done both to treat and to prevent skin aging process in developed countries and best age for this method is from 25 to 55 years. Facial Rejuvenation thread can used in the following areas:

  • Laughter line
  • The top lip line
  • Bottom lines lips
  • Sadness line
  • The lines above and below the chin
  • Frown lines
  • Side and around of eyes lines
  • Drooping of eyebrows
  • Drooping of chin and cheeks


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