Acne is an annoying and often painful problem that affects millions of people each year. While acne is typically most prominent during the teen and young adult years, many adults suffer from acne throughout their lives.Acne is a difficult challenge to face, because so many people have a strong opinion on the condition, calling it “gross” or “ugly.” This creates a self-esteem problem in many teens and adults with acne, which can have lasting effects for a lifetime.


Acupuncture acne points are specific from person to person and depend on the factors that are causing the acne. For example, some acne may arise from hormonal issues; still others might come from excess stress or bad diet.Hence the acne acupuncture treatment points also differ. One of the acne acupuncture points is located between the thumb and the index fingers. The fleshy web like skin in between these two fingers has 3 points just at the base of the thumb. An acupuncturist can stimulate these command points that stand for the head and face, which is where most acne occurs. The acupuncturist might either use needles to press these points or simply her/his fingers to activate these points. This helps remove Chi stagnation in the body. Once the Chi energy starts flowing smoothly, the imbalances in the body are corrected to overcome all kinds of skin issues including acne, rosacea etc.


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