Arthritis or Osteoarthritis is degenerative changes (DJD) or in other words, to wear in the joints. These changes in the joints usually begin at a young age and starts by softness in joint cartilage or chondromalacia in some joints such as shoulder and knee. If untreated, leads to erode articular cartilage or osteoarthritis. These patients, complain more than pain with or without swelling, and joint swelling. Scientists have shown according to statistical surveys, the percentage of degenerative changes in non-athletic and tall people with low muscle mass is more of people who have short stature and muscles strong and athletic. Because strong muscles around the joint is an important supporting role and reduces attrition rate effectively. Nowadays many young people suffer from joint pain at a young age and this is because of inactivity in the lifestyle of today. Please note that, if we face with the softness cartilage joint disease or osteoarthritis suffers, we must be very careful in choosing the right exercise for him. Instead of doing dynamics sports associated with severe movement joints encouraged to static exercise. This means that when the joints are almost constant, the patient constricts the muscles around the joints and avoid from doing fast moves. Of course compliance with these principles in Western medicine is beautiful to see in acupuncture. A branch of acupuncture is a form of exercise that called the name of Medical Qi Gong and all professionals of acupuncture should learn these exercises during your period of study. This exercise created slow, rhythmic movements and to coordinate mind, body and breath, the perfect balance between muscles and bones of the human body and this help by increasing the support muscles of painful joints in patients with osteoarthritis. Arthritis treatment in Western medicine is including steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucosamine and Kondrotin. These drugs of nourishing cartilage and delays to progress osteoarthritis. But side effects of this drugs is high on the liver, kidneys and other internal organs of the patient. On the other hand drugs in cases of moderate and severe disease, are not well able to control the disease. Sometimes in Western medicine, in severe stages of the disease joint replacement surgery is recommended in some joints such as knees and hips. Many studies on acupuncture in Europe and America show that, Acupuncture are success rate of about ninety percent in to treat osteoarthritis, especially in the joints of the neck, chest, back and shoulders. Acupuncture in to treat osteoarthritis of the knee depends on the severity of illness, duration of illness and the patient's weight.

Acupuncture in to treat Arthritis

In this therapy, acupuncturist uses a needle to the diameter of a human hair and by putting them in appointed locations and necessary maneuvers, during the meeting reduce patient pain miraculously and sometimes destroys. So the patient surprised by this treatment. During treatment with acupuncture will be different for various joints of the body and based on the severity of the disease, age and weight of the patient. Please note that, According to Chinese medicine, if the patient have intra-articular corticosteroid injection in the past, when joint arthritis treatment, recovery will delayed. To treat the affected joint needed more sessions . In addition, if a person suffers from vascular disease is one of the extremities, especially in the legs, Lack of blood circulation and lymph circulation in the limbs, cause proper electrical ions in that region and recovery will delayed. The question is, whether After treatment, the patient will return and if yes, how long patients would be well? In response to This question can be said the rate of improvement will be highly variable duration. For example, in young patients suffering from arthritis of the neck, if treat them properly and with proper frequency and recommended exercises performed after treatment, this patient will not return. in the other words, the great advantage of this issue will not relapse and the value of acupuncture for to treat the disease, because cause ending of drug use in these patients, as a result, the patient will not be experiencing the side effects of long term use of drugs. But situation will be different in older ages and depending on the patient's condition, the recovery period will vary from a few months to several years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Institute of Health (NIH), All patients with osteoarthritis of acupuncture benefit in to treat the disease for at least a period. Therefore acupuncture as a treatment in this disease not only recommended without side effects, but also the treatment is effective, taking several drugs reduces complications and improves quality of life of the patient.

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