Bellz Palsy

The exact cause of Bellz Palsy is unknown but one of the main causes are secondary damage to the facial nerve due to a viral infection. Facial nerve is the motor nerve for face so, with the prevalence of Bellz palsy, disability and facial paralysis occurs in the patient which often involves half of the face.These symptoms usually recover after one month, but in some people remain chronically. Another disorder which gradually occurs in some patients is improper regeneration of the nerve that causes facial disfigurement and development of the nervous tics.


Bellz Palsy treatment is corticosteroid to reduce inflammation during the acute phase, physiotherapy and massage.


  • Also acupuncture used in the acute phase of Bellz Palsy. Most patients recover after 6 to 10 sessions.
  • In chronic cases of the disease patient needs more sessions.
  • The acupuncture also improves the efficiency of the facial nerve and by increasing the blood flow to muscles of the face to rehabilitate patients significantly.
  • Both body and ear of acupuncture method, excellent effect in to treat disease.
  • In refractory cases and using a combination of ear implants an Amboding it is better.

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