Breast size Disorder

Most of the Iranian ladies complain about the size of their breasts. Some general explanation is necessary before considering the reasons and the possible treatments for the disorder.First of all it should be said that the size of the breast has no connection with breast cancer and ladies should be sure about this. Secondly, the size of the breast is not necessarily leading to hormonal disorders and they are not considered patients due to this. So breast size must not create any worry at all.But the issue our society has is the cosmetic issues and of course some Skeletal-muscular dysfunctions that can occur due to the large breast size. Issues regarding beauty are directly related to mental condition and being worried about the small or large sizes of the breast can annoy Iranian Girls and women.

Generally spoken breasts’ size and form depend on the below anatomical reasons:

  • Breast glandular tissue: which is directly connected to pituitary and ovarian hormones like growth hormone, ovary and thyroid stimulating hormones, prolactin, estrogen and progesterone.
  • Breast adipose tissue: which is directly connected to nutritional issues.
  • Breast muscular tissue: which is located below the breasts and causes the forms of the breasts and is related to the extent of doing exercise and blood flow to the muscle.

Small Breasts

  • Lutein-flocline hormones: that are both ovarian hormones should be consumed by the physician’s prescription in case the body lacks them.
  • Hypothyroidism and hypo-pituitary: are very powerful factors. Generally spoken one of the factors of small size of the breasts is hypothyroidism and hypo-pituitary.


Thinn people have less fat tissue in their bodies and sexual hormones are less in their bodies compared to the others and this causes the small size of the breasts.

Weight Loss Diet and Malnutrition

When overweight or obese women lose their weight suddenly and with following a non-standard diet plan their body fat decrease and because the breasts are composed of fat tissues they would became droopy and wrinkled. Because the reduction of the breast size has been due to the diet, with stopping the diet and following a protein-laden diet, their condition can return to its starting point. Of course a little sagginess can still remain in the breasts.


Genetics is the most prevalent reason of small breasts in women and basically their body will not respond to various treatments if the reason of the breasts’ small size is their genetics.

Breast Augmentation Therapies

  • Proper diet plan designed by a nutritionist or a dietician which can be of help by increasing the adipose tissue of the breasts.
  • Consumption of the nutrients which have high amounts of estrogen can increase the breast glandular tissue. Needless to say that this process also should be conducted under the supervision of a specialist or an expert in alternative medicine. The foods with high content of estrogen are as such: soya beans, fennel, Clover and Vitamin E.
  • Swimming
  • The exercises which focus on strengthening and contracting pectoralis major muscle
  • Daily massage of the breasts outward and upwards for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Using some creams and essences with a specialist recommendation
  • Breast augmentation surgery and breast implant (it is not recommended in specific situations and mental conditions)

Acupuncture’s Role in Breast Augmentation

  • Body and ear acupuncture via stimulating pituitary, thyroid and ovarian glands would balance out the hormones and thus creates the enhancement of the breast glandular tissue.
  • Via appetite stimulating, acupuncture can increase the adipose tissue of the breast
  • Through stimulating blood flow to the chest muscles the size of the breasts can change slightly by acupuncture
  • Acupuncture decreases stress and anxiety and thus blocks their effects on the body and helps the other methods to increase the breast size.

the Merits of Acupuncture in Increasing the Breast Size

Acupuncture is a balanced method so it has no side effect.
Due to its moderate nature, the breast will grow to the point that doesn’t harm the body.
The extent to which acupuncture is effective in breast augmentation and the sessions required.
Due to the role of genetics in the size of the breasts it is appallingly obvious that the role of the acupuncture in breast augmentation is not 100% certain but trying it is worth it because it has no side effects. During the examining sessions it would be clear that the patient’s body is going to respond ti acupuncture or no. 12 to 15 sessions are required for the treatment.

Large Breasts

Large breasts can cause two major problems:

  • Cosmetic problems
  • Skeletal problems like muscular spasm, cervical disc and …

the Factors Decreasing the Size of the Breasts

  • weight loss diet
  • general exercises or specific exercises for chest muscles
  • slimming massage for the breast especially accompanied by essences like cumin and …
  • traditional medicine cupping therapies under the supervision of an specialist

the Role of Acupuncture in Decreasing the Size of the Breast

  • weight loss
  • local breast size reduction and back (fat burning and lifting)
  • hormonal effects

Acupuncture has no side effect and impressively affect the size reduction of the breasts. 12 to 15 therapy sessions are required. Acupuncture and diet together can increase the therapeutic effects.

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