Congenital Myotonia

It is a congenital neuromuscular disorder which will not improve and has different types.


The patients’ muscle mass may be normal or excessive. However, in more advanced cases, muscle atrophy may also occur. These people have difficulty in starting to move, at the beginning of the movement they must wait a few seconds or more then the muscle will find the strength to move. What causes this problem is a defect in chloride ion channels on the cell surface. Congenital Myotonia has no specific treatment other than physiotherapy.

Congenital Myotonia Treatment via Acupuncture therapy

The effect of acupuncture in treating Myotonia is quite considerable. These people will not be treated completely but their movement levels reach to the natural level.

Generally body acupuncture as well as ear acupuncture is quite effective in treating these patients.

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Name Congenital Myotonia Categories Neurological Disorders