Diabetic neuropathy

One of the major complications of diabetes are nerve paralysis in the infected. This nervous involvement can impressed sensory nerves of the body or autonomic nervous or autonomic dysfunction. Among the autonomic dysfunction is including occasional digestive disorders such as severe constipation in patients with diabetes. Peripheral nervous involvement also cause severe pain, limb muscle spasms, tingling, hot and tingling in the extremities, decreased proprioception, balance and numbness (loss of sense of touch, pain and temperature).

One of the most important performance of acupuncture is improvement of these disorders, which if good diabetes control after treatment, this recovery will be permanent.

In fact, acupuncture with nerve stimulation, relieve muscle spasms and improves nerve function will increase the blood flow to organ and will improve nerve function.

Sometimes, treatment with acupuncture will be long-term (depending on the severity of the problem). Treatments are usually once or twice a week and takes between 6 to 30 sessions.

For autonomic neuropathy in a similar way, acupuncture is effective. Sometimes even will improve hearing loss in patients of diabetes.

Important note, as well as acupuncture, proper treatment of diabetes, the use of vitamin supplements for neuropsychiatric problems and decreased nerve regeneration, in complete remission of the disease play an important role.

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