Guillain-Barre disease is an autoimmune disorder of the body and because of this disease is damage to the nervous system. The cause of onset of this disease is unknown but often occur after certain viral infections.

Feeling weak, tingling and numbness of limbs and finally the paralysis is Guillain-Barre symptoms. These symptoms starts of lower limbs and Gradually affected upper limb and respiratory muscles.

Guillain-Barre disease often occurs in the age of childhood and adolescence and usually improved after two years of slowly. Rarely, these symptoms of disease will remain lifelong disease.


In the acute phase of disease used of Immunoglobulin, Plasmapheresis, High-protein and High-calorie diet and Physical therapy. Also, some medications, such as cortisone, medications that suppress the immune, sedatives, analgesics, and anticonvulsants proscribed to reduce the symptoms, pain and inflammation.

The use of acupuncture in to treat Guillain-Barre

Acupuncture can act and for to treat these patients is helpful after the acute phase and carried out from hospital. Acupuncture in improvement of patients with Guillain-Barre of three acts:

  • Guillain-Barre symptoms improve: Relieving pain, numbness and tingling, psychological symptoms improve reduced immune level is possible simply by acupuncture.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions: Acupuncture with increases blood supply to muscle tissue, improves efficiency and improve patient movement of muscle.
  • Help to improve nerve role: Acupuncture with stimulates nerve tissue restoration of patient's nervous tissue.

Both body acupuncture and ear acupuncture are excellent to treat Guillain-Barre. Of course in cases of chronic and perennial use of non-permanent ear implant procedure with Ambdyng it's better.

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