Hives is acute or chronic immune response to the body's response to allergens. Of its symptoms are redness and swelling and even blisters. Hives is hot and itchy lesions.


Nuts, food additives, spices, citrus fruits, tomatoes, some drugs such as penicillin and aspirin, laxatives, suppositories, children's colds and sore throat, sinusitis, physical factors such as heat, light, cold, shock, and pressure. . are from the causes of hives.


  • Because finding and treating the cause or avoid the cause
  • Local and systemic anti-allergic drugs and corticosteroid
  • Change your diet

The acupuncture to treatment of Hives

The acupuncture is excellent in controlling acute hives symptoms and prevention. Of course, the need for long-term control.
For patients in the acute phase, ear or body acupuncture is excellent.
For chronic and recurrent attacks, you need to planting the ears ASP, long sessions of acupuncture or permanent ear implant.

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