Lumbar Disc

Back pain is a prevalent problem. But some backaches are due to inter-vertebral disc diseases. In fact the gelatin-like section between two lumbar vertebrae which is responsible for the stability of the two vertebrae can be herniated because of pressure or injury. The disc herniation can cause the lumbar disc protrusion which interferes with the position of the two vertebrae against each other. This cause pain, muscular spasm around the vertebrae and limited range of motion. In some cases spinal stenosis may develop. As a rule, some back pains should undergo surgical treatments. In patients who are in need of surgery it is better to not consider acupuncture therapies. But in a variety of cases, acupuncture can appropriately suffice and as the WHO’s statement asserts acupuncture is one of the best therapies for treating back pain. To treat the back pain various methods of acupuncture can be sued such as: body acupuncture, auricular therapy and trigger point therapy via acupuncture needles. Acupuncture can be of use in treating the cases mentioned above through adopting two approaches: first of all with its undoubtable power in relieving the pain, it decreases the problems due to pain in patients and second in some cases it fights the inflammatory origins of disorders. Creating balance in the tissue around the lumbar vertebrae, acupuncture increases the speed and the quality of recovery and it improves the back pain and completely obviate it in 70-80% of the cases.

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