Muscle spasms or cramps

For many people come that suddenly experiencing pain and stiffness of the muscles of the body. Usually this pain is annoying and person from a few minutes to a few days into its own. For example, a person suffering from stiffness and pain in the muscles of legs during sleep and it is better usually after a few minutes. Sometimes a person experiencing back pain is a result of hard work and a few days he will stay at home. Muscle cramps or muscle spasm in fact means cramping in a group of one or more muscle fibers to work together. In this case, for various reasons, some of these muscle fibers pile up themselves and this causes dryness of the body or muscle stiffness. Some people feel tightness as a lump under the hand. Also in muscle spasm, blood supply is a little less in this area and this cause is causing pain. Muscle spasms can have various reasons anatomical, metabolic, and neurological and psychiatric. As well as some internal diseases can also aggravate this trend. Nutrition is also important in this process. Below are mentioned some muscle spasms reasons:

  1. Joint disorder: For example, knee osteoarthritis, gradually Causes muscle spasm associated with the knee and that is created thigh or calf pain. Heel spur, tendonitis and bursitis and arthritis, arthritis of the shoulder, back and other joints, the deviation in the spine, after joint surgery ... All can cause muscle spasm.
  2. Bone Diseases: Such as tumors and breaks
  3. Neuromuscular disease: Some of myopathy and neuropathy,muscular cysts and ....
  4. Brain diseases: Strokes, ataxia, cerebral palsy, etc.
  5. mental health problems: Obsession, aggression and anxiety
  6. Nutritional problems: Low intake of vegetables and fruits, shortage of calcium and vitamin D shortage
  7. Inappropriate exercise, heavy work, inappropriate massage, physiotherapy use are inappropriate, the
  8. position of the inappropriate and bad physical activity
  9. Overweight
  10. Internal problems: Such as ulcers, irritable bowel, malabsorption of food, chronic cough and ...

The effects of acupuncture in reducing muscle spasms

  1. Relaxing the muscles: There is some parts of the muscle relaxant in the body that prick them relaxed all the muscles. It can also of other treatment methods like trigger therapy used to relax of topical spasms.
  2. Pain reduction: Using topical analgesic and public places
  3. Relaxing: Simultaneous treatment of anxiety and anger
  4. Help to quit smoking
  5. Help to weight loss and loss of appetite
  6. Simultaneous treatment of internal diseases
  7. Control of neural musculoskeletal diseases like cerebral palsy and arthritis, Heel spur and frozen shoulder
  8. Treatment of Strokes

The effects of acupuncture in reducing muscle spasms

  1. No side effects
  2. It is opens quickly the chronic, severe spasms that can not treated with drugs.
  3. The simultaneous control of muscle spasm and causing the underlying problem, such as arthritis
  4. The simultaneous control of body and mind
  5. Long and late recurrence more than drug therapy
  6. Reducing the need for drugs
  7. Faster recovery than drugs

Other necessary measures to better control muscle cramping

  1. Stay away from cigarettes
  2. Weight loss
  3. Regular exercise and proper corrective and exercise
  4. Deep breathing in clean air
  5. Using vegetables
  6. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  7. Use calming herbal tea to continually
  8. Create and scientific daily physical activity
  9. Psychological treatments
  10. Right and scientific physiotherapy and massage

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