Parkinson's disease mostly seen in older people and its symptoms include, progressively body rigidity, tremor, imbalance and loss of motor skills. With Parkinson's disease, the dopamine decreases in areas of the brain.

1- 1 symptoms

  • Vibration arms and legs in resting position, shake the patient's general
  • The slow movements of the patient
  • Low-balance
  • The rigidity of the body and limbs


It is not clear causes of Parkinson's disease but brain infection, tumors, brain injury, causes genetic and ... are some of the causes of the disease.


  • To treat depression and coexisting conditions
  • Occupational and speech
  • massage, shower with hot water, diet filled with vegetables and plants, caring for falling and causing damage

Acupuncture in to treat Parkinson

Because acupuncture has dramatic impact on stimulating brain cells and increases dopamine, so is a proper method to control the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Also acupuncture can cause looser muscles and reducing movement difficulties. Antidepressant treatment of acupuncture has are significant results.
So use both body and ear acupuncture methods are excellent in disease control, but because of progressively disease, using the ear implant for patients would be more proper.

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