Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that shows themselves by skin involvement. Skin problem reflected to severe Red lesions and sloughing of skin, skin silver discoloration or scarring. Other signs and symptoms include pain, joint problems, arthritis, hair loss and thickening of the nail. Problems worsen with increasing psychological stress and the disease may be severe. Psoriasis has no obvious cause but genetics, smoking, cold, alcohol, stress, skin damage, some infections and some medications are effective in creating it.


  • Daily bathing
  • Keep skin moist
  • Stay away from sun
  • Not smoking and alcohol
  • Topical and oral anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids

Acupuncture to treat Psoriasis

Acupuncture is excellent in treatment of Psoriasis. Cortisone-like and anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture, skin excellent effects of acupuncture, relaxing and more stable than the medically methods has made the acupuncture turned into a proper treatment to control psoriasis.
Due to the chronic course of illness, we recommend using ear implant with longer care and lower cost.

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