Treatment of Scar

(acne scar, scars, smallpox and burns) Almost all of us somehow involved with scar. Usually in our life, at least once the skin has been damaged and the effect of that remain after recovery. Some of these scars are very superficial and improving after a while. But in many cases the scar will remain for a lifetime. For many people often is disturbing scarring and acne scars and smallpox, especially on the face and hands and is a great impact in beauty of them. Because, these people experience many different treatments during their life. In this article we give good news that, acupuncture is a very good and no adverse effect way on the treatment of acne scars, cure smallpox scars and burns.

What is Scar

In wide or deep scars, usually your skin can not replace natural texture therefore, for the restoration process, fibroblast cells come to this area and produces fibrous tissue. Fibrous tissue replaced with your natural skin and shows bumps, dents and surface gloss and the color effects. Of course, dry skin are more susceptible to Scar and even during treatment these people treated less (Good news: acupuncture, also treat dry skin).

How does acupuncture to treat Scar?

Something must done to treat so body forced to destroy fibrous tissue and take its place natural skin (collagen, elastin and epithelial cells). For this purpose, acupuncture does three main:

  • First, work on your body to activated heal the skin processes in the body. That is why skin gets wet.
  • Second, we works on the surface texture of the scars like the use of lasers, topical creams and Sub Syjhen and peeling.
  • Thirdly, we works on scars.

What is the efficacy of this treatment? How is the power of acupuncture treatment?

The effect of acupuncture is different in people. Of course, since this work is a repair operation, find the result need more time but first effects shows after 10 sessions.  In this way patient and those around him notice changes and reduced of the depth and breadth of wastes and them hoping to continue this long treatment.
In this way improved wastes between 30% to 100%.

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