Sciatica is in fact the name that is given to one the nerves of the lower tissues of the body branches out from the spine in the lower back vertebrae and runs through the buttocks and the legs and reaches down the back of each. The lateral nerves travel through the heels and the toes and can create pain or tingling sensation. Intervertebral disc deterioration and the distance of two vertebrae from the lumbar spine disorder can affect this nerve. As a matter of fact the name of the disorder mentioned is sciatic pain that is known is sciatica by the layman. The treatment of the disorder is feasible via traditional acupuncture within 10 sessions or via modern trigger point therapy within 2 to 3 sessions. Other than the surgical cases that must be conducted by a surgeon, acupuncture is of help as a therapy to treat the pains.

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Name Sciatica Categories Muscular and Joint Diseases