Shogrens syndrome

Shogrens syndrome is an autoimmune disease In this disease, pain and joint disorders caused as well dry mouth and eyes. This disease has two types of primary and secondary. More middle-aged women are diagnosed with the disease.


Dryness, inflammation and sore eyes, dry and sores mouth , fatigue, body aches, difficulty swallowing, irritable bowel, painful intercourse, irritability, respiratory,skin allergy, fever, vascular inflammation, and liver and kidney problems .... Shogrens syndrome symptoms.


Shogrens syndrome has no specific treat. But to ease the symptoms offered treatments. These include the use of artificial tears, keep moist eyes and mucous, Pilocarpine tablets to increase salivation, treat of oral ulcers, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, Hydroxychloroquine, treat of headaches, hand gloves off, keep warm hands, Cyclophosphamide, Gabapentin, sprays and tablets of corticosteroids for asthma, exercising regularly, increase dietary fiber, vitamin E and C, ginger, fish oil and ...

Treatment of Shogrens syndrome with acupuncture

Acupuncture is excellent in treatment of Shogrens syndrome. In fact, almost all the signs by acupuncture will get better.
Including the results of acupuncture in the treatment of Shogrens syndrome is Cortisone-like and anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture, helping to increase the secretion of tears and saliva, reducing symptoms of joints and skin, improve breathing, increased blood supply to the kidneys, protection of nerve tissue.
Given that, Shogrens syndrome is chronic, Of all the methods of acupuncture, semi-permanent and permanent implant on ear is more powerful and more affordable method for treatment of this disease.

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