Sinusitis occurs due to the sinuses inflammation. Its reason can be infection or allergy but due to the wide-spread outbreak of chronic allergic sinusitis we discuss it here. As a matter of fact exposure to a variety of allergens and pollutants, suffering from allergy and upper tract respiratory infection can cause chronic sinusitis. The majority of the patients suffering from sinusitis experience the following symptoms: mild stuffiness of the nose, facial pain, and permanent but low-volume secretions and with the least possible stimulation by the dust or cold weather the symptoms can surge to sinusitis symptoms.


  • Avoiding allergens
  • Preventing from flu and respiratory infections
  • Inhaling or edible anti-allergic treatment
  • Early treatment of chronic infectious sinusitis

Sinusitis Treatment via Acupuncture

Acupuncture can reduce the secretions and makes their discharging more comfortable, decreases the sensitivity of the sinuses to the allergens and improve the inflammation through its anti-allergic effects and increasing the blood flow in the sinuses.
Body and ear acupuncture are both beneficial for treating sinusitis.

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