Stroke Palsy

The stroke patients encounter a variety of problems such as muscular weakness and palsy after the stroke. These patients are involved in regular workouts, frequent physiotherapies and improving their diet plans long time after their neurological therapies and after discharging from the hospital. The other thing that annoys them is the anxiety and stress due to their inability to move. The patient who has been walking for years now finds himself unable to walk and this makes him more depressed and unable.

Acupuncture and the Treatment of the Stroke Palsy Patients

  • Rehabilitation Effects: increasing the local blood flow and the extremities’ nerves stimulation of the limbs, acupuncture increases the muscular strength of the body. It also decreases the muscular spasm of the limbs.
  • Energy levels increase and depression decrease: acupuncture plays a vital role through increasing energy levels and decreasing depression and thus the stroke palsy patients can recover earlier.
  • Brain cells stimulation to become relatively repaired: this occur via ear and scalp acupuncture.

A patient who naturally gets recovered within a year can be recovered within two month with acupuncture.

The number of therapeutic sessions are normally high but metabolism is higher in more vigorous persons and thus acupuncture accompanied by a proper diet plan and physiotherapy sessions will be of great advantage for the patients to get recovered. Acupuncture clinics are always crowded with these types of patients which indicated that the therapies have been effective so far.

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