Tremor or vibration

Tremor or vibration is a symptom that may occur due to several reasons. This vibration can occur in resting position or in activities. May related to age. May occur with some neurological diseases. Some taking certain medications food poisoning and addiction treatment of some substances also causes of tremor or vibration. It can also caused by an overactive thyroid or psychiatric problems.


Based on the type of tremor or vibration treat the underlying problem is different. For example :

  • Anti-anxiety treatment when the underlying cause, nervous.
  • Treatment of MS or Parkinson when that is the cause of the existence of tremor or vibration.
  • Treating thyroid problems and ... When it would have been a tremor or vibration.
  • Propranolol using in benign type.

In general, to treat benign physiological (familial) tremor or vibration is better of other types of treatment.

Acupuncture in to treat Tremor or vibration

For to treat tremor or vibration, acupuncture is a good method.

Often the underlying problems of Tremor or vibration become better with acupuncture. Acupuncture has treatment of benign tremor like Propranolol.

For simpler, body and ear acupuncture are great and in patients resistant and longer lasting implant or implant ASP should used for to treat tremor or vibration.

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