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I am Hussein Mashahdi Farahani, 24 years old, from Tehran. After failing in Master Studies entrance exam, 20 days suffering from a gastrointestinal disease, then increasing levels of blood fat and heart attack which affected my stomach as well and caused my stomach contraction and thus my hospitalization at home for a month and imposing a great deal of stress to me and after the stress of master studies entrance exam for the second time and the paper work regarding my graduation and severe phobia for military services I suffered for a week from nervous stomachache and in January 2009 after a clash with my father I panic severely (panic attack due to phobia), my blood pressure rose and I got a chronic heart palpation and all my body was in tremor and I was pounding. They took me to the clinic immediately and injected a strong tranquilizer shot and this situation lasted for an hour till I started feeling normal. After that insomnia became my friend and lorazepam, diazepam and oxazepam became its foe. After that I was in the state of shock due to my nervous stomach which could not take even little amounts of food, thus I used to eat less and avoid most of the foods because of my blood fat and I would exercise in the park because of my stress levels. All of a sudden during a month I lost 4 kg (from 65 kg to 61). I tried to stop exercising to avoid weight loss but mu neurosis would attack all my body, my kidneys, my heart… and my persistent phobia of the reoccurrence of these attacks cause me lose even more weight (58-59 and finally 52). I was too skinny to even walk and no medication was of use for me. I was thinking that all my body was affected by the disease till God answered to my prayers and heard them and I met Dr. Seyyed Jafar Mohaghegh. In the first session I was pierced with a number of needles for my insomnia and when I felt sleepy I came to know that it was a right place. The second session was shock therapy and in addition to the previous needles, two more needles were pricked in my legs, nothing happened till the next morning when I was in a state of shock but because it had no external stimulus I tolerated it. It was in the fourth session that doctor showed me his miracle: the electro-acupuncture machine. He Scanned my both ears and my hands and feet with an instrument and he came to know that other than nervous problems I have no other problem not even depression. Half of my fear just went away then and there because I was assuming that all my body has problem. The treatment became more accurate and just included my nervous system and then the machine transferred a slight electric current to those needles to stimulate the nervous system, it was effective somehow, I wish all the physicians and specialists… would use this simple but advanced phenomenon. After a while my nervous system became more powerful meanwhile I was using other treatments such as cupping, herbal medication, vitamin injections, and massage therapy and I kept myself busy and away from stimulating things like news or papers. After six sessions my nervous system has become doubly stronger and I have put on 4 kg. Thanks to Dr. Mohaghegh
I am thin as well as calm
Again another interesting memory, I want to write this column myself: An elderly lady with severe backache but a good spirit! The first time I met her I was attracted to her due to her eloquence and big hear rather than her backache. Quite well-off with the children living abroad, a lot of friends and a pack of Winston cigarettes sticking out of her pocket were noticeable. She was an interesting character. She completed 10 sessions. In the tenth session I noticed that she wasn’t joyful anymore, sitting on a chair at the corner of the clinic she was resting her head on the wall, and there was no messing around the clinic with jolliness, I asked her what happened mother? Your pain has reoccurred? Any problem? She turned her head away and gently said: whatever I do, I walk up the stairs briskly, I lie down comfortably on the bed, I climb the Velenjak uphill, I say my prayers standing, whatever I do it doesn’t hurt. I still was wondering what she meant and was processing her words. She continued: it has been two years that my only hope is just getting rid of my backache, from one clinic to another, I have been kept busy, I used to say I have a backache therefore I am. But now I have no goal in life and I want to commit suicide. In the waiting room, the receptionist, the other patients and I was completely amazed by her statement till she couldn’t maintain that sad and gloomy face and burst in laughter, we were all being tricked by her! Now it was patients’ turn for laughter and her grateful eyes and my thankful heart! Sometimes you come to know better how much you love your job!
How Good It Is for Children to Have Mother! Doctor I am shattered! My life has been deteriorated, don’t think I haven’t seen difficulties but this pain is beyond me, you cannot imagine how it feels to take loads of painkillers and analgesics and then go to the clinic and complain about the pain. They also as usual just give me a diazepam injection in the veins though there have been no veins at all after getting three serum injection a week. I cannot go out because traffic jam makes me sick and I have to be admitted in the hospital. In university, I can endure to stay only 20 minutes and then I have to go to infirmary. Don’t talk about wedding parties, everyone is used to find a cozy place for me in the calmest corner of the hall. My children are imprisoned somehow by my migraine attacks. They don’t have happiness. My husband recently cannot tolerate me anymore, I have heard that acupuncture is effective, please help me doctor, this is my last resort! Five months later…. Hi ma’am! Good afternoon! The doctor is here? Oh such a pity! I am Noursalehi, Samira Noursalehi, a few month back I used to come for my migraine, my husband is about to celebrate my third month of painlessness, I will be grateful if you come with doctor and your families. Address is here, this Thursday night. Oh please tell the doctor that my children have mother now, I go to wedding parties as well and attend my classes regularly and I have started learning to drive! Samira Noursalehi, Varamin
How Good It Is for Children to Have Mother!
I turned fourteen too early, I was still overwhelmed with my childish game in beautiful fancy world of children! Puberty problems, identity crisis and communicating with the others drained me! I suffered from hypothyroidism for a year or two, my psychological and mental condition wasn’t good as well, but meanwhile the worst case scenario was my weight. At that age with the height 154 cm I weighed 108 kg. An actual meatball. Little by little I kept into myself. I became isolated among my family, relatives and friends, and I didn’t want to communicate with anybody! Finally my family took an action, various types of diet plans, clinics and doctors… were tried by me back to back! But nothing happened. My hypothyroidism worsen everything. It was January 2007 that I entered an acupuncture clinic hopelessly! When I took a glimpse at all those needles pierced in the patients’ bodies I was thrilled to death, but the rest of the story was quite fast and nice. After three months I lost 28 kg, I was euphoric, the most beautiful place in the world for me was acupuncture clinic. It has been 13 months that I have been able to maintain my weight. It is interesting that doctor didn’t give me any diet plan. He said you are growing up and it is not good! 18 months back I was 108 and now I am 78 and now I am writing these words to thank my doctor!
The most beautiful place in the world!
With lots of hope and loads of research finally I decided to give acupuncture therapy a shot, I went to the clinic and I was told that the consulting is free and I was then happier, I sat there and we talked and talked and talked, doctor said due to my diabetes and hypothyroidism it is possible that acupuncture therapy doesn’t respond that well, I said I want to try it, I want to get rid of my obesity, it has driven me crazy, my life is ruined, I persisted and they made a file for me and I was told that my therapy was based on 50 percent possibility of getting cured. Seven weeks went by (less than two month), I did not lose more than 2 kg, but a lot of good things happened, my sleeping pattern had become pretty regular and appropriate, my mood had turned logical and stable, I had been taking my thyroid medications on-time, and it was just recently that the doctor told me my major ailment had been depression which had decreased my activity and interrupted the consumption of my thyroid and diabetes medication. Doctor has given me a regular and balanced workout plan and vouched for the effectiveness of it in losing 2 kg per month and he has told me not to use any diet plan. This is also a certain type!
This is also a certain type!
I wasn’t supposed to write in this column but it is like I have been tempted to do so! They said we have come from Kerman, we have found you on the internet, we have come for therapies, I said it is impossible, he should want it himself. I explained that acupuncture only obviates temptation, treats the addiction anxiety, relaxes and relieves the muscular pains…but it doesn’t stop anybody doing something. He said I want to be cured myself. I said Bismillah and we embarked on our journey. He attended the sessions regularly and his respected family was backing him up like the highest mountains. Today was the fifth session and we are almost done. I said celebrate on the weekend and invite everybody over to circulate the news of his success. The next patient came into my room but his mother came in as well, with eyes welled in tears and the politeness that I didn’t deserve. I said I am also excited. Don’t consider my happiness less than his brother’s. She said I am also excited and there was a gift in her motherly hands. I was refusing to accept it but she said I am gifting you as a mother! Dear God as a brother I ask you to bless him and maintain his success!
As a Mother!
The duration of our married life hadn’t been even a year yet, our marriage certificate hadn’t lasted for a year, but the color of our relationship had turned to gray much earlier than it was supposed to! None of us was greedy or arrogant, we had our share of wisdom according to our age, but because of the pressures I had been through due to the high expenses of buying dowry, I was completely nervous and angry. Ultimately the load I have been pressurized under, revealed itself from my stomach! Unlike other people who chose acupuncture as their last option I chose it as first and went to a clinic just nearby my place! The doctor had only 15 minutes to examine the condition and through talking and other error and trials come to know that the problem was originated somewhere else. He suggested that I should take 5 sessions to work only on my nerve relaxation and then if required I start therapies for my stomach. I admitted that. Now it is my fifth session and I am pretty good, and I feel like other people and I don’t get angry easily, and I don’t have stomachache as well. Doctor has told me to summarize my story and I did so!
Unlike other people!
I went for acupuncture treatments to an institute for 10 sessions, another one for 7 sessions and here it has been 5 sessions so far. The name of the disease I am suffering from is cerebral palsy. Modern medicine doesn’t pay heed to it, it says it cannot do anything about it other than referring me for physiotherapy sessions. I have not too much of troubles but of course for an eighteen years old girl it is difficult to have facial paralysis, the muscle droop on one side of the face and lack of proper contractions there while eating, smiling, talking and even breathing. All three times that I have tried acupuncture I have had a considerable improvement, I am so happy because I didn’t skip acupuncture therapies when I first come across it on the internet. I hope no one on the globe suffers from cerebral palsy! Atefeh.M
I am a Cerebral Palsy Patient
When I first attended a traditional Chinese acupuncture clinic I was 45 suffering from migraine. First time I was admitted for three weeks in acupuncture clinic, and the therapy was effective and my life quality transformed a great deal. The second year I attended the clinic again and Miss. Linn the acupuncturist just treated me. She operated acupuncture twice a day. This time an unexpected development occurred and my headaches were totally vanished. Dr. Linn just spared from the pain I was through due to my migraine and I am grateful to her.  Arnolf Bahri, 70 years old, Birouch City Germany
Miss. Birouch’s Migraine
I ate melon as well as grapes but it’s like my allergy is just gone! (Note: we haven’t changed the statements of the writer in order to maintain honesty and trust) Doctor! God know the allergy is just gone! During these eight sessions it has been vanished! This time I even ate melon and grapes, nothing occurred! Before as soon as I touched the melon or grapes I would have been died! A from Tehran, 2014
Respiratory Allergies
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