Catgut embedding therapy

Catgut embedding therapy

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Catgut is a type of cord that is made from the natural fibre in the walls of sheep or goat intestines. It is embedded on the acupuncture points, which enhances the points’ stimulation for 7-10 days. The catgut is later completely absorbed by the body (about 8-10 days).

A catgut suture is embedded around a selected point. As the catgut is absorbed into the tissue, continuous stimulation is produced at the acupuncture point which prolongs the effect and obviates the need for frequent needling.

Certain patients have been found to benefit from this procedure; they include those suffering from bronchial asthma, gastric and duodenal ulcers, lumbago, and enuresis.


Select one or two points for each treatment, then sterilize the areas routine­ly. Inject 0.5% procaine at points of entrance and exit. Next, make a small incision at the point of entrance with the tip of a scalpel, and using a medium-sized, curved needle threaded with catgut, puncture through the subcutaneous tissue and emerge at the point of exit. The catgut should be embedded at a depth of 1.0-1.5 cm around the selected point. The protru­ding ends of the catgut should be cut as close to the skin as possible (Fig. 53). The suture area is then covered with sterile gauze for a period of several days. Another technique is to suture catgut around the selected acupuncture point to form a subcutaneous “loop suture.”

Recently, lumbar puncture needles have been used to embed the catgut into the acupuncture point. This is simple to do, and the catgut can be embedded at whatever depth is appropriate for the point selected.

  • Registered Chinese doctors use 0.6mm needle to embed the catgut, so it’s less painful and easier to absorb.
  • The embedding depends on the body-type of the customer and the process includes one-time medical consultation.
  • Its implantation is a kind of acupuncture, where specific acupuncture points are gently and continuously stimulated till the ailment is cured and desired results are achieved. Prolonged stimulation of acupuncture points can effectively enhance weight loss, shape breasts and promote metabolism, amongst other benefits.

Overall, our results confirmed the effectiveness of acupoints stimulation to assist in the control of body weight in women. They also highlighted the more favorable effects of embedded catgut-moxibustion combination that may be due to the extended and consistent stimulation of acupoints.

Acupoint catgut embedding therapy also produced a decrease in lipids, and a significant reduction of insulin and leptin resistance. Moreover, insulin sensitivity remained for a 1-year period, demonstrating the sustained effects of this method.

through special needles and catgut in the acupuncture points and the fat layer, catgut in the acupuncture points stimulates the endocrine adjustment system, improving blood circulation, water swelling, increase the body’s metabolic rate, systemic effects. Fat lines continue to promote fat burning, and sculpt for local action.


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