acupuncture for wrinkles

acupuncture for wrinkles

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Facial acupuncture, or “cosmetic acupuncture,” as it’s sometimes called, is “a little bit more beauty-focused in that we are putting needles in the face to stimulate collagen production, improve skin quality, help heal acne, help heal acne scars, but we are also still using body points,”

A typical facial acupuncture treatment involves about 40 needles in the face and 12 needles on the body, though that can vary depending on an individual’s skin goals. However, the exact amount of needles needed for the procedure depends on each patient’s needs. Needles are left in the skin for about 20 to 25 minutes. Typically, a session will last about 45 to 90 minutes however; each clinic has its own packages that not only include facial acupuncture but a full body treatment too. Generally, a course of treatment consists of 10-12 sessions. The effects become most noticeable and lasting on or about the sixth to seventh session. Each person responds differently, depending on his or her condition and lifestyle prior to and during the treatment series. Following the initial course of treatment, maintenance sessions can prolong the results for five to ten years.

But how can needles inserted into your face help rejuvenate your skin?

Each needle that is applied to your face will cause a positive micro-trauma in your skin. This positive trauma sends signals for your skin to increase the blood flow to the affected areas and naturally produce collagen. The increase in blood and oxygen to your face will not only help your skin repair itself, but many patients have found the treatment to be incredibly relaxing! By increasing blood flow to certain areas through acupuncture, the skin appears to look more youthful, radiant, and toned.

3 Principles of Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Qi & Meridian: Regulation of Qi, Balancing Organs, Vitalize Skin Tone

Skin Tissue: Local Circulation, Tissue Reconstruction

Muscle and Fascia: Facial Symmetry, Reducing Dynamic Wrinkles

Acupuncture for cosmetic use: a systematic review of prospective studies:

Two randomized controlled trials and 5 single-armed prospective trials with 216 participants (150 from randomized controlled trials, 66 from single-armed studies) were included. This systematic review suggests that a few trials regarding acupuncture for cosmetic use have incorporated rigorous designs. Although the studies reported generally positive results with tolerable safety, the methodology of the trials should be updated in a rigorous manner, including the use of randomized, sham-controlled studies with standardized interventions, in order to provide sufficient evidence regarding the effects of cosmetic acupuncture.

Effect of thread embedding acupuncture for facial wrinkles and laxity: a single-arm, prospective, open-label study:

This single-arm, prospective, open-label study recruited participants who were women aged 40–59 years. Fourteen participants received thread embedding acupuncture one time and were measured before and after 1 week from the procedure. In this study, thread embedding acupuncture showed clinical potential for facial wrinkles and laxity. However, further large-scale trials with a controlled design and objective measurements are needed.

Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture

Reduce fine lines and diminish wrinkles

Reduce eye bags

Eliminate puffiness

Lift droopy eyelids

Minimise double chins

Moisturise the skin with increased blood circulation to the face

Increase collagen production

Reduce of stress evident in the face

Firm skin and muscle tone

Firm jowls

Tighten large pores

Brighten the eyes

Improve hormonal balance to help acne

Bring out the innate beauty and vibrant glow of an individual


Acupuncture was first mentioned and recorded in documents dating a few hundred years BC. Earlier instead of needles, sharpened stones and long sharp bones were used around 6000 BC for acupuncture treatment.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the complete meridian/organ system converges in the face. The proper functioning of the body’s meridian system directly affects the aging process and facial appearance.

When the internal system is balanced and abundant in Qi and blood, the essence is then distributed everywhere in the body and the face tends to have a healthy glow or ‘qi flow’. Cosmetic acupuncture needles create stimulation to areas of facial tissue by increasing the circulation of blood flow to the wrinkles and thus producing more collagen production, resulting in less wrinkle formation. When the internal system is unbalanced however, it will reflect poorly in the face from the overall color, condition and feel which can cause acne, premature wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, dull, dry and flaking skin or pale skin in appearance.



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